Enter the Pulsewave SPOOKTACULAR Covers Contest

Again, can't emphasize how bummed I am about not being about to put on our October show but the spirit will live on in this online covers contest! I really can't wait to tell you about our upcoming show in December, all I can say is that we're really going all out for it. Thanks for your support and see below for details about how to participate.

If you need some inspiration, here is a playlist of existing chip music covers we like on Soundcloud:

Pulsewave Halloween SPOOKTACULAR Covers Contest


It has been our October tradition to curate our Halloween SPOOKTACULAR where three of our favorite chip artists would cover a band for an entire set. In years past, we’ve been honored to host epic collaborations like Kris Keyser & Note! as Death from Above 1979, Bit Shifter as The Misfits , Oxygenstar as Led Zeppelin, an0va as Queen, Anamanaguchi as Weezer, glomag as Joy Division & many many others. Due to some logistical issues, we are not putting on a Halloween show this year (bummer, we know!).

However, we’d like to keep the open mic portion alive online. This is our challenge to you: make a kick-ass chip music cover and win a slot to play a full set at Pulsewave in 2016.

How can you participate?

  1. Record a cover of a band you love.

  2. Upload the track to SoundCloud.com

  3. Write a description of what hardware or software you used to make your track and why you chose the song. Make sure to tag @pulsewavenyc (so we’ll see your entry!).

  4. Share your link on your social networks and tag @pulsewave on Twitter, we’ll RT our favorites.

We’ll add your entry to this Soundcloud playlist. On October 26th, we’ll handpick our top 5 favorite tracks and the public will vote on who gets to play Pulsewave in 2016! Winner will be announced on Halloween.

Thanks for your support and we can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Stay tuned for details on our next show, we’re really excited about it.

Your boo-boos,

Dannel, Jenn, Emi & Patrick