BBQ At Bernie's

I start at BBQ Films as a behind the scenes social media manager and who knew they'd rope me into acting? In their latest adventure, we're whisked away to the Playland Motel at Rockaway Beach to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Weekend at Bernies. The motel was transformed into the lavish home of BJ Lomax, Bernie's son, who launched a cryptocurrency startup called Bernbux. My job was to wear a bikini (eek!) and threw Bernbux at anyone who came into the Bikini room.


We went all out as Tawney, Bambi and Trixie, screaming at people to "GET ON THE BED, GET ON THE BED!" as we showered them in cold hard (fake) cash.  As the evening wound on, we broke out the glow sticks and turned our room into an 80's dance party.  Later on, Sam and Alex from Shootbooth took photos of us with this red Chevy.

It was also surreal to meet the real Bernie, Terry Kiser!