The Probable Outcomes

“She was glamorous in a way that neither of my parents were, or really anyone I knew growing up. She had this fascinating ability to make decisions with complete conviction, without worrying in advance about consequences. I guess I saw her as a chance to prove something to myself.” 

My friend John wrote The Probable Outcomes for Amazon Publishing’s Day One Fiction series for debut authors. You can buy the Kindle Single here for $1.99.

I think it’s pretty great that Amazon is supporting short story writers who otherwise wouldn’t know where to put the things that come out of their heads. Lot’s of waiting and applying for awards and journals and magazines. The subject “ex-marketing guru” cracks me up because he reminds me of a snake oil salesman, but markedly cranky. John is currently in a Nantucket cabin grimacing at my tweets about the show Wings—meanwhile relaxing.

The story: A failed, alcoholic ex-marketing guru is sent to Ohio on a last long-shot assignment, in search of innovative idea that can save an ailing food company. After an accident in a mall parking lot, he’s rescued by a trio of teenagers who reluctantly agree to share an average night in their average lives with him. What follows—bonding, secrets, and ultimately tragedy—reveal truths to both teens and guru that none are fully prepared to confront.